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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"mom I have some mail for you!"

Well it is science Thursday and ours has started out with a whirl wind. My son came and found me and announced "mom I have some mail for you." Ummm okay. So I go out to the porch and he pulls a plastic bag out of the mailbox and hands it to me. I didn't know what to expect, but what I found wasn't even one of the many thoughts that had gone through my mind.

I opened the bag and my "mail" was looking back at me!!!!!

It was a squirrel!!!! I asked where he got it and he said he found it laying in the grass. Oh No. So after letting him share his joy over his new found friend, we started science Thursday with a few little lessons:

1.) This guy was not a friend but a wild animal and NO we can't keep him as a pet
2.) Something is wrong with him if he was just laying in the grass (now go wash your hands)
3.) NEVER put an animal in a plastic bag, they can't breath.

Our science buddy is now resting in a cage outside (no my dear child he may NOT live in your room.) I hope it turns out the squirrel is fine and we can release it. As you can see by the photo, my son is VERY excited by the squirrel.

So for science Thursday, we will be learning all about squirrels. Why not pick an animal to learn about today too! I just hope it doesn't end up in YOUR mailbox!


  1. I'm afraid I have to call a "boys will be boys" on this story! We always seem to find birds and either try to ease them as they die or feed them until they are strong enough to fly away. Having pet birds that we have raised since they were featherless little blobs that needed to be fed every couple of hours, we have all the equipment. Our squirrels just seem to be part of my little dogs physical fitness program. They taunt her through the window until she whines so piteously that I let her run out like a bullet. When she gets tired, they all just sit in their respective spots in the yard and ignore each other!!!

    1. Charlotte I would have to agree on the boys will be boys. Sid is NOT the last critter to grace our doorsteep. But at least he was the only one to do so in a plastic bag!