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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's make a volcano mess

Everyone loves the erupting volcano at the science fair, right? Well now you can do one at home. Now if you don't like mess, well then maybe this is NOT for you! But if you love science, don't mind messes, and enjoy watching a child having fun, then read on.

Here is a site that not only tells you how to do it, but the science behind how it works. Here is what we did........

First put down newspaper, like I said, there will be some mess. Next place a pan on top with your container of baking soda and dish soap. We did add food coloring for fun. We were out of red so we had to opt for green. David insisted on the dinos for a more authentic eruption. We then wrapped the container with tin foil to make it look kind of like a mountain.  Last it was time to add in the vinegar and watch....

Our second eruption was even better but alas, due to technical difficulties we can't show that video. The MAD Tester enjoyed the experiment so much he is currently playing with his dinos in a pan of yuck. I am sure he will smell like vinegar for days!

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