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Friday, June 17, 2011

It's mystery Friday, let's bug out

Welcome to mystery Friday! Last night I saw our first firefly or as my 5 year old calls the "blinky bugs" of the season. To me it is just not summer till the fireflies start blinking. I have fond memories as a child of catching fireflies and it is an activity I have since passed down to my son.

So, tonight we shall begin "firefly watch 2011." I found an article for you new firefly watchers to help you on how to help these neat bugs and safe handling of these amazing critters. Like the fact, insect repellent on you hands will hurt them! Not something you would thing about in your excitement to catch them.

Thanks to the Museum of Science in Boston, you can do even more then just watch and catch these "blinky bugs." They have started Firefly Watch, where volunteers all over can report their backyard firefly activity to help the scientific community learn more about these bugs, like if their numbers really are declining.

So get your jars ready, wash your hands, stay up late and make some firefly memories!

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