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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get your kids out for a run

Today my son ran a fun run race at a nearby zoo. This was his third race ever and he had a blast. Not to mention, he did well too, finishing in the top five (he was in the bottom 1/3 at the same race last year.) Why am I sharing this? Because running is a great activity for children. You can start them in a 100 yard dash and grow to who knows, the Boston Marathon!

Okay, maybe not that crazy, but all the kids seem to be having fun. They are usually around $10-15 to enter. The kids, besides the pride and fun of the race, usually will get a t-shirt and/or medal. I found a site that list some races (you can search by state.)

I find the best place to start looking for a first timer is at zoos. Their races are geared for children and they usually combine it with a family fun day event, like today's race. All three of us got into the zoo with free parking, the race, t-shirt, medal, snacks and family fun day for $13. Now that was an awesome value. So why not try one and see if your child likes to run!

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