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Saturday, June 4, 2011

How much fun can you have in 1 day!?!?! LOTS!!!

So today, the boy and I headed out to "Be a tourist in your own town." You buy a passport for $1 and get into a ton of FREE events and places. We didn't even have to pay for our passports as a very kind family shared two coupons with us for FREE passports!!! Thank you kind strangers. There were so many things to pick from and we barely scratched the list but this is what we did today......

First we went to Impression 5 Science Center.  There was so many cool hands-on things for kids to do!

working with magnets
In an eyeball

Eat him, please!!

Making a bubble around himself
Pulling himself up with pulleys

After that we headed over to the R.E. Olds Transportaion Museum.

Checking out the cars

Next we went to "Construction University." He got to see some construction trucks and meet "Swish the fish" and play some games and win prizes. I am not sure what construction and fish conservation have to do with each other but the kids loved it!

Next we headed to Lansing City Market. We love going there any time of the year. David LOVED his chocolate covered bacon. We also had him finger printed thanks to AAA and his vision was tested thanks to the Lion's club.

After that we headed over to Paramount Coffee, where we got to take a tour and learn how coffee is made!!

The packaging machine
The "green bean" room

Now we could have stopped there and gone home, lord knows we had had lots of fun. But why stop when your having fun!?!?! So we popped into Elderly Instruments and visited the instrument petting zoo. David said this was his favorite stop all day.

Oh yes, they let them play with electric guitars!

But we STILL weren't done with our day, believe it or not! Next we went and did a game of mini-golf at Fun Tyme Adventure Park before heading over to roller skate at EDRU Skate-A-Rama! I have not been on skates in 30 years but since it was David's first time, I went for it. It was amazing that he didn't take us both out!

So in 7 hours we went to 10 places and spent a grand total of $4.24!!! (75 cents for chocolate bacon, $2 for a slushie drink, 99 cents for a push pop and 50 cents for locker rental at the roller rink.) I am soooooo tired, I hurt in places I have forgotten I owned and it was and amazing day. So if you are in Lansing, MI next year, check it out. If you live else where, search around and see if your town does something like this.

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