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Friday, June 24, 2011

Learning about tools

Okay, we finally figured out what we were doing today.....

BUILD SOMETHING! We were lucky enough to pick up a few extra (FREE) Lowes Build and Grow kits and even tough he had already made the race car before, he was excited to do it again. He "read" the directions (on the blue sheet) and built it with NO help from me. I am so proud! It is amazing when you just step back and watch sometimes.

Now I know this may sound silly, but how much does your child know about tools and how to use them? I introduced my son to real tools (not toys) early in life. Let me tell you, when I am in the middle of something and ask him to go get me a phillips screwdriver, it is such a time saver!

So why not pull out some tools and have a "Tool Petting Zoo." I am not saying hand them a saw and walk away, but let them feel them and used them. Let them pound a few nails, turn a few screws. Trust me, they not only build confidence, but sure can help out when your stuck in the middle of a project.

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