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Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Fling on the Farm

I want to start off by saying thank you to Tirrell Farmstead for hosting the Spring Fling on the Farm!! If you live in Mid-Michigan and missed it, you missed out on a great (FREE) time.

Hair cut time
At Tirrell Farmstead they raise sheep, milk them, and make their own cheese right on site! At Spring Fling you were invited to visit the different areas of the farm and enjoy the fun, demonstrations and food (all of which were FREE.)

We had been to Tirrell Farmstead the previous year for Spring Fling. So our oldest felt right at home. Since he already knew the milking and cheese making process he spent most of his time playing in the barn and visiting with the animals.

Even our new little guy got to have some fun hanging out with the animals. He and this donkey spent quit a bit of time in a stare off. I don't know which one of them was more interested in the other.

There is nothing like kids on a farm. Not only is it education but I am sorry most important it is just down right fun! So keep your eyes open in your community for a farm open house. Or better yet, reach out to a farm and ask if you can arrange to stop by some time. Trust me, farmers WANT kids to know where their food comes from!

And you never know, you might make some new friends too. We have also been out to the Tirrell family farms for lambing season and our son got to bottle feed lambs. Now tell  me that not a memory he will have for a long time!

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