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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At home Dino Dig

Does your child like dinos? Maybe they even dream of being a Paleontologist one day. Well why wait for "one day." Have an at home dino dig! All you need is some imagination and a few "tools."

First you need some bones.......

Personally I would go for one of the bones in the top row. They are cheap and if they are not found or found by an animal, no problem. BUT if you want to shell out some cash and make this believable then get the cow leg bone in the pet isle!

Now, mom, dad, go hide the bones! You can do this in a sandbox or really put them in the ground. Next, give your kid some tools like a shovel, paint brush, and hammer. Use you imagination and add in any other items that would make this more fun for your child.

That's it...plan and simple.....Happy Digging!

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