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Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing time at the rock show

We just went to the Kalamazoo Rock Club annual show. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have gone and again we had an amazing time!! The adults were just $3 and the kids were FREE. Our oldest had so much fun playing all the games like The Gold Mine! (Mine for gems, fossils & “gold”) and Wheel of Fortune where his prizes were wonderful rock specimens. The games were anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar to play. The money went for a great cause, geology scholarships.

They also had a kids activity room that was FREE to do. Our oldest made a rock picture frame, paper weight, painted rock friend, necklace and polished a petoskey stone. The kids room alone was worth the adult price of admission!!

The Petoskey is the Michigan state stone

They had wonderful displays, informative demonstrations, and lots of sales booths. Some of the booths had VERY good prices and we picked up the three items above to add to our collection. Going clockwise,  Sea Turtle Coprolite (aka petrified poo) that is around 80 million years old from Madagascar, an awesome Trilobite from the Atlas mountains of Morocco and a fish fossil from Wyoming!!

I hope our adventure encourages you to google rock shows in your state and see what kind of fun you can have!!

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