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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Free events are awsome!


What is fun? The "Spring Fling" at Tirrell Farmstead!! We headed out there today for their event and had an awesome time! As we arrived they were shearing a sheep. They let all the little ones (and us kids at heart) come up and pet the sheep and feel the wool.

Check out a sheep getting sheared!

We also got to watch them milk the sheep. All the kids got to try putting their finger in the milker to feel the suction! Tirrell Farmstead takes the sheep's milk and makes their own cheese!!! They make it right on site and have a cute little store where they sell not only the cheese, but soaps, meat, eggs, crafts, and more!

They also had a game of cheese rolling going on! David got 10 ft, Mom got 48 ish feet and Dad is the "Cheese Chuckin Champ" of this family at about 55 feet. Yeah Dad!! Best of all it was real cheese so our hands smelled yummy after playing!

There was a petting zoo and David made a new friend. The Eaton County Farm Bureau had radish and corn seeds for the kids to plant and take home and there was the wonderful surprise of a FREE lunch! I'm sorry but nothing beats a beautiful spring day, eating grilled burgers and dogs while siting on a hay bale listening to sheep.

Davd and his new little friend
Planting seeds

The wonderful folks who served up a yummy lunch

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