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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Be Kind to Animals Weeks

This is the last day of Be Kind to Animals Week and it is a great opportunity to teach your children about caring for their pet. It is also a chance to teach them compassion for pets in need of forever homes! So why not do up these crafts and find a local shelter to donate them too! Who says you can only be kind one week a year!

How to Make a Catnip Toy


  • Infant or child size crew socks
  • Cotton balls or craft stuffing
  • Dried catnip
  • Non-toxic permanent markers
  • Non-toxic washable fabric glue


  1. Stuff the toe of the sock with 1 tablespoon of dried catnip.
  2. Stuff the foot of the sock with cotton balls or craft stuffing.
  3. Squeeze fabric glue on the inside of the sock’s ribbing to glue the sock closed or knot the top of the sock.
  4. Decorate with fabric markers.
Note: DO NOT add a fabric or yarn tail. It can be swallowed and become caught in the cat’s intestines, which could possibly result in a need for surgery.

Designing ‘Adopt Me’ Bandanas for Shelter Dogs and Cats

Looking for a creative service project? Why not design pet-sized bandanas and donate them to a local shelter? Wearing a colorful bandana is a wonderful way for shelter animals to get noticed by potential adopters, so you’ll really be helping animals if you decide to donate them to a local shelter.

Materials Needed

  • Colored markers (fabric markers work the best, but don’t use washable markers)
  • Solid-color bandanas. The size will vary based on dog or cat. The bandana should be folded once in a triangle and must be able to tie completely around the dog’s or cat’s neck. You can also find special doggie-sized triangle bandanas online


1. Place the folded bandana on the table. Draw only on the side that faces up.
2. Your goal is to get the animals who wear these bandanas noticed — so they are more likely to get adopted— so your bandanas should be colorful and fun. It’s a good idea to include some words or phrases on your bandanas. Some are listed below, or you can make up your own.
Examples of phrases for your bandanas:
  • Adopt Me!
  • Shelter Dogs are Cool! Or Shelter Cats are Cool!
  • I’ll Be Your Best Friend!
  • Help Me Find A Home!!
3. When finished decorating your bandana, lie it flat for a minute to make sure that your design doesn’t smear.

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