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Thursday, September 8, 2011

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming! *GIVE-A-WAY*

Arrghh ye salty sea dogs! September 19 is coming which means it be, international talk like a pirate day! Now these sites be more for ye grown folks. Why not, we deserve fun too! (there be some mature things ye might not want to explain to the wee ones yet.) Don't know how to speak pirate? No problem! This site gives you a crash course in basic pirate speak. This site has all sorts of good pirate fun in the Fun & Game section like "find yer inner pirate."

Don't worry, they do have a section just for the junior pirates! There is a pirate talk for kids, links and there are tons of great printables to have a pirate party! And speaking of pirate parties, MAD Family Fun wants to help you have one!

That's right, just go to facebook and under the link for this post, simply send us a pirate greeting. What do I mean? Just say hi in ye best pirate speak in the comment section. Ex: Arrghh ye salty sea dogs! You have till Friday (Sept 9th) 5pm (eastern) to comment. That way we can get the prize to the winner in time for the 19th. One winner will be drawn from those entered to receive some MAD Family Fun pirate booty!

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