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Monday, March 28, 2011

Make sure you hide your stash very well!

I keep what I call a “stash” at my house. A bag full of things I pick up on discount, at the dollar store, or wherever. I have everything from books, craft supplies, and little toys, to games, building kits, and a million other things. Why might you ask do I hoard stuff? Cause you never know when you might need something. For example, a long car trip, bad day at school, or a dreaded snow day. It was on a recent snow day that I hit my “stash” and pulled foam swords and pirate eye patches for a pirate day.

Now that you know what a “stash” is (and I hope you make your own “stash”) I want to warn you on hiding your “stash.” My kid is 4 and knows mommy can make cool stuff appear without going to the store. He has taken to looking in my room, often, and he found my “stash.” He took liberty with 4 building kits I had picked up at Michael’s for a buck a piece, and decided to not only build them in the middle of the night but to PAINT them too!

While he had a great time and was very proud of himself, I was disappointed. He only destroyed $4 worth of kits, but mommy clean paint out of the carpet for over an hour. He taught me a very valuable lesson that day, HIDE YOUR STASH WELL. My words of advice are this, have a “stash” and hide it VERY well or you never know what you might wake up to. LOL

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