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Monday, March 28, 2011

Contest Time!!!!!

As you know, here at MAD Family FUN, we sell nothing, which I think is awesome. MAD Family Fun is all about sharing information and having cheap fun. So I thought what better way to share and have fun then to have a craft contest.

I believe in teaching my son to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So that is going to be part of this contest. So here are the RULES: You MUST use either a toilet paper or paper towel tube in your craft. That’s it, simple. Please make your craft and upload a photo of it to the MAD Family Fun Facebook page with your directions for making it. JUDGING will be done by MAD Family Fun “friends.” Photos will be collected into an album for people to vote on by hitting the “like“ button. You may enter up to 5 different craft ideas. Ideas must be posted to the Facebook page no later then April 27.

PRIZE: Well of course there is the honor of winning the first ever MAD Family Fun craft contest and the awesome bragging rights! Isn’t that enough? LOL I promise there will be a little something more. Remember I don’t sell anything so the prize will come out of my own pocket. Let’s just say it will not be a million dollars but it will be Fun!

Simple kid friendly crafts are the best. Here are some examples of things we have done.

Pirate paper towel tube                                                Pirate toilet paper
spotting scope                                                               tube parrots

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