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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Travel the world at a "specialty" supermarket

All children can have their picky eating stages but around here we try no to let them last too long. My husband is a "foodie" and thanks to him our children (and myself) are exposed to so many types of cuisine. We have Indian night and Noodle night on a regular bases. We have a one bite rule that even applies to my picky self. I try to set a good example.

So when my husband said he found an Asian market in a nearby city, I was game to go have a peek at the possibilities.So we loaded up the children and took a drive.

And what did we find? Isle after isle of wonder! We saw everything from dried fish and chicken feet to boxes of preserved duck eggs and durian! I had never seen durian in person.... only on television. What is durian you may ask. Well, the durian a fruit and is distinctive for its "unique" smell. The edible flesh has a distinctive odour, some say like that of rotten onions! The ones at this market were frozen to control the smell. The smell is so bad that in southeast Asia, the fruit is banned from certain hotels and public transportation!

Durian fruit
We had great fun trying to guess what some of the stuff was since some of the items lacked English. We did pick up a few things, including a can of Eel our oldest wanted to try. After one bite he decided it wasn't for him, but I was impressed he even wanted to try (and no I did NOT try it.... no way, not even for the one bite rule.) He was much more pleased with the various Asian candies he had also picked out!

My husband is now on the hunt for some great Asian recipes since we now know where we can get just about ANYTHING. Though I promise you, durian will not be on the menu! If you have any awesome recipes feel free to send them our way at we would love to try them!

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