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Friday, September 14, 2012

Be positive with your children

Click the photo to get yours!

When our youngest was born 7 months ago, our oldest, who is 6 years old, did NOT take it well... AT ALL. He was jealous, refused to go near him and just flat out resented him. It drove me nuts because the baby had nothing but smiles for his brother. But what was I to do?

I was looking for some way to use positive reinforcement with our oldest son and then I came across a blog called Erica Bohrer's First Grade. There, I found these wonderful cards you can print out! Every time our son did something even remotely nice for his brother, like grab me a diaper, I gave him a card.

I also used the cards for other nice things too. I honestly don't think as parents we acknowledge our children doing positive things enough. After a while my son started ASKING me to catch him doing nice things! Why not catch your kids..... it will make everyone smile!

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