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Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple head carving for kids

As some of you may know, I am a contributing blogger on Farm Chick Chit Chat. September's theme over there is Apples. And while baking pies can be fun for some children, I was racking my brain to find something a little more kid and male child friendly for my son. And that's when it hit me!
All summer long he wanted to whittle. Well of course at six, I am not about to give him a pocket knife unsupervised so he found other ways, like using a nail. So I thought, why not "whittle" (carve) an apple! All a child needs is an apple, a butter knife, and some imagination. For our project we did a "shrunken head."
I peeled the skin off one side of the apple and it was ready to go. Once the face was on all we had to do was wait for it to shrink up.
Now fair warning, if forgotten, the head will continue to decay. Which is kind of cool looking and a great opportunity to talk about such things. But if your like me, and completely lost track of the head due to outstanding circumstances, you could be in for a fuzzy surprise when the head is later located! So keep an eye on where your children take their apple carving!

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