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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Play with your food!!!

Fall is here and to me that means apples. Sadly, Michigan's apple crops were hit hard this year due to the weather conditions. Prices are at an all time high and orchards are not advertising for U-pick.
What ever will we do? We will suck it up and buy apples at the store at mind boggling prices. We will scale back on the amount of cider and donut holes we consume. But we will NOT give up on the fun of fall and apples! 

After school, I set out a shiny red apple, some grapes, kabob stick and a knife. When my son asked for his snack, I showed him the supplies and told him we were making apple race cars. He was delighted by the idea and quickly got to work.

We cut slices for the car body, pushed broken skewer sticks through the apples, sliced grapes in half and attached them for the wheels. It was simple, fun, and nutritious! And the creativity did not stop there. He asked if he could make a worm. He lined grapes up on a kabob stick and used apple seeds for the eyes! That gave me the idea to make a worm coming out of my apple! ** Apple seeds are VERY slippery when covered in "grape guts." You might want to try something different for your eyes.**

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