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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer is coming, be a super mom!

Are you a super mom? Me either! LOL But I try to be. With summer on the horizen it is never to early to prepare. Those children will be out of school and in out hair all too soon. So what do we do with them? Anything and everything we can find! But where do we find things to do with them???

Here are you "getting started", summer planning tips......

1.) Check your local library. Many libraries have summer reading programs. Some libraries have special events. Ours has a library in the park program once a week that is free. So call your library and ask.

2.) Summer sports. Your local rec department usually handles this type of thing and it isn't always expensive. We got our son into a summer t-ball program for just $15.

3.) Zoos. Many zoos have special events all summer long, like arbor day and animal enrichment days. Don't forget to check out if zoo camps are available. These can be very expensive depending on the zoo. We are lucky and our zoo offers 3 hrs a day for a week for $50. Getting a membership at a zoo makes visiting often easier and usually discounts on things like camps. Also check to see if they have scholarship programs.

4.) Museums and Nature Centers. Check websites for free days, special events and camps.

Now I know this is not the end all be all of things to do this summer, but it is a good jumping off point. I know when I sat down and started putting together my son's summer activities, these were some of the main things that are already on the calendar.

So start looking now. Things fill up fast. Remember you don't have to spend a ton of money to have fun. Free things are just as good. So start planning your low coast, no coast summer of fun!

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