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Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet the “staff” behind MAD Family Fun! PART 3 Our "product tester"

This is the last part of our meet the "staff" at MAD Family Fun series. I think this staff member, our "fun test," is our best gage at what is and is not fun. He is the D in MAD, our son David, who is 6.

David was our third try at having a child and we were blessed to get him happy and health via a c-section at 36 weeks. He has been a blessing and at times a hand full! I love watching him learn about the world and I get the chance to rediscover my inner child. I can walk through a store and do things most people would be locked in a padded cell for, but because I have a child with me, people just smile.

What can I tell you about David. Well he is definitely a cat and chicken person. He loves trains, books, and always being on the go for new adventures. His favorite food is a bagel with a gigantic smear of cream cheese. He totally dislike potatoes in any form.

He is compassionate, most of the time. He is cuddly, most of the time. But when he goes bad, oh he does it with zest. He is very smart, but that is because of me LOL No I don't mean I have better genes then my hubby, I just spend more time exposing David to the world. The fact he is an only child also plays into his intelligence I think. He spent the first four years of life with mostly just adults. And since he was the only one to get my attention, he got it all.

He says he is going to be a Train Engineer when he grows up. I tell him he can be anything he wants! I look forward to seeing him grow and develop. I am amazed daily by him. Like today he asked me to get a CD out of a package and I told him I would have appreciated it if he had come to me for help before he mess up the package, to which he said, "well I would appreciate if you would just get the CD out for me." That's my boy! LOL

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