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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is nesting time, make a craft

Well spring has sprung and the birds are back! Now is a great time to talk to your little ones about birds and nests. We just took a bike ride to look for signs of spring and saw some old nests. We decided to make a "donation" to the birds so they could build new nests. It was simple and recycled too!

First we got the mesh bag that our popsicles come in. You could use onion bags or any other kind of mesh bag. Next we collected up straw. We cut ribbon, yarn, and pipe cleaners.  Last, and I know this might sound weird, but we got hair, from our brushes and the pet brushes.

Cutting up yarn

Stuffing the bag

Once the items were cut and placed in the bag, it was time to hang it so the birds could stop buy and shop for nesting materials. David insisted on hanging it himself, so up the tree he went. I must say, he was proud that he got to help the birds and I think the little bag of bits adds a splash of color to our yard!

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