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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can you have too much fun? Maybe!!

We had a jam packed fun filled day yesterday. And the saying goes "you can never have too much fun" but maybe you can! LOL Our day started with a trip to our bank, where they were having a free event for kids to plant sunflowers that they got to take home.

Next it was off to a free author event put on by our wonderful Great Start group. There were stories, craft and games.

After a fun lunch and play time at McDonald's, we headed to our local Walmart for the Easter event. There was an egg hunt, snacks, games and the Easter BUNNY!!! David won a bunny cake at one of the games and was beyond excited.

By the time we returned home, 7 hours later, I pondered the idea, can you have too much fun. As I lay there on the couch exhausted, listening to my sugar powered child, I came to the conclusion that, maybe indeed, you can have too much fun. I know I was exhausted!!! LOL

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