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Monday, January 24, 2011

My dirty little secret

I have a secret, I am a Dollar Tree junkie. It has to be my all time favorite store for fun. Give me $10 bucks and I start itching to go to Dollar Tree. Why you might ask? Have you ever been in one!?!?! If not here are some reasons why Dollar Tree is amazing (other then the fact every thing is a dollar or less.)

1.) Holidays - They carry some of the best stuff for throwing a party! From paper products to holiday specific themed items. They have decorations, stickers, candy, toys, lol EVERYTHING. We celebrate Cinco De Mayo at our house. No, we are not Hispanic, but because Dollar Tree carries stuff for it and it is a great way to learn about other cultures!

2.) Craft items - I love, love, love the fact I can stock up on items for my Craft Box at Dollar Tree. They have so much stuff! Not just supplies, but sometimes they carry kits. We have made our own Christmas hats, Easter magnets, and more.

3.) Teacher stuff - We pick up lots of wonderful things in this row, like workbooks, flashcards and posters. My son is 4 and has already started to read. Now I am not saying Dollar Tree did that but they had the tools for me to use with my child.

4.) Gifts - Need a quick gift for someone? Well? Okay now wait, I don’t want you to think I am a cheap gift giver! LOL But as an example: I bought a beautiful Christmas pin and a darling dish towel. I made a homemade loaf of bread and “wrapped it” with the towel and “tied it” with the pin. Now tell me you wouldn’t have liked that gift?

5.) Household needs - You can get all sorts of stuff. Cleaners, plastic wrap/bags, spices, etc. You can also get awesome containers for organizing you house or maybe starting a Craft Box.

6.) Toys - Ever need something to distract you child on a long drive? Or maybe a little pick me up kind of thing? Dollar Tree carries lots and lots of little toys. I keep a stash on hand for special moments like these.

Oh I could go on and on but I think you can see I am a Dollar Tree junkie! If you have never been to one, find you local Dollar Tree. They have so much stuff for family fun!

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