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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making cartoons come to life!

Does your child LOVE Mickey, the Wonder Pets, Dora, or as in my case the brand new Bubble Guppies? Could they watch them all day? Yes, but why not turn off the T.V. and have a little MAD Family Fun instead.

Bubble Guppies has only been on 1 week, with 4 episodes at this point, so what’s a mother to do? There are no dolls or board games of them yet. Plus who wants to spend all that money on toys that can go out of fashion as quickly as they came? Search the Internet for free things! Bless Nick Jr. for knowing I would. I was able to find make at home trading cards, color pages, puppets and more!

We have already made the trading card together. I just printed off the color pages for him and I made these wonderful puppets for my son. I covered them in contact paper because I KNOW they are going to get plenty of use for a while. So the next time your child wants MORE of their favorite cartoon friend, search the net, get crafty and turn that T.V. off.

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