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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cruise Directing 101 - The craft box

How many times have you seen a craft and thought “oh let’s do that” but then you realize you need to pick up a few supplies. How many times have you ACTUALLY gone out and got the supplies and done the craft? This is the reason every house should have a craft box. A box of supplies, on hand, so the next time you see a craft to do, you can! But what to put in it? Well here are the basics of my craft box….

1.) Glue - Stick AND Elmer’s type, because while glue sticks are great for less mess, they don’t always stick what you need!
2.) Paper - Both white and construction
3.) Tape
4.) Scissors
5.) Markers, crayons and paints (with brushes)
6.) Popsicle sticks
7.) Pipe cleaners
8.) Stapler
9.) Hole punch
10.) Paper clips
11.) Rubber bands
12.) Wiggles eyes
13.) Brown paper lunch sacks
14.) Stickers
15.) Yarn

I have added many other things to it over time, like cotton balls, ribbon, glitter, empty baby food jars, etc. But to get started I suggest the list above, after that, use you imagination! I have put in things like old Christmas cards we get to use the pictures off the fronts.

I know, now your saying, “but I don’t want to spend a ton of money!” Well then DON’T!!! I will share a secret with you, Dollar Tree is an awesome store for family fun. Everything is a dollar or less and you can find almost everything on the list there. Heck, you can even find a nice container there to store all the supplies in. So get that craft box together, because I am going to start posting some fun crafts to do!

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