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Sunday, August 12, 2012

To see the stars....

Did any of you make it out for the Perseids meteor shower last night? When I went to bed we had heavy cloud cover. But thanks to my sweet little six months old waking me at 2 am I was lucky enough to see it! As he sipped his bottle I wandered into the backyard and saw 5 or 6 meteors streak across the sky. The last actually made me gasp out loud to no one but the night. It was so bright and went right over our house.

I toyed with the idea of waking our six year old but then thought better of it. I mean really do I want him awake at 2 am? And would he go back to sleep? Or would he fall asleep on a blanket in the yard and I would be unable to carry him back in!

The meteor shower will continue tonight and if he can stay up and the clouds stay away, we will try again to see the stars and maybe a few meteors!

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