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Thursday, August 9, 2012

And THIS is why the world is going south.....

I try not to get up on my soapbox around here to often as this place is about fun. But I am dusting off my box, stepping up and saying "What the heck?!?!?!"

I logged on today to see an article about an Ohio teen who collapsed after playing on his xbox for 4-5 DAYS!?!?! Seriously, um, where were his parents? Oh wait, mom says she "was very scared I thought he was going to die. He just fell over three times." Three times?

My first question is, why was he sitting there for days playing this game? I am sorry but after an hour of cartoons I just turn it off and tell my kid to find something else to do. I am not perfect, don't get me wrong, there have been days when he has sat and played EDUCATIONAL computer games for long stretches. However, I made sure he ate and drank, unlike this woman who ended up having to take her son to the hospital for dehydration.

A children should not get dehydrated even if your outside playing all day in 100 degree weather. Parents, well at least ones with common sense, know that all living things need water to survive. But I guess if you let you kid sit for days playing a mind numbing game then you might we daft enough to not know water is essential for life.

*Deep Breath*

My second question is, why wasn't this mother (and child) pummeled with a game controller for their stupidity instead of this being news worthy? I mean honestly folk, this is not news, this is SAD. Where are the news stories of smart parents and children playing in nature and experiencing the wonders of life? Where are the news stories of children making crafts and not getting in trouble running the streets? Where are the stories about parents and children reading together? Wait, does anyone even do that anymore or is it just me?

It is moments like these, when I question my parenting ability after being pushed to the wall everyday, that I sit a little taller (with baby urp on my shirt from my little and tacky glue and glitter on everything for my bigger) and I realize, I am not doing half bad at this thing called parenting!

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