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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shark Watermelon - Anyone can make this!

It is Shark Week and we are doing and learning all about sharks. As we were surfing the net we came across a shark made out of a watermelon. As I posted on MAD on facebook, the fun tester saw this and begged, BEGGED me to make him one. So off to the store to get a melon we went. I was a little worried about pulling this off but this is actually easy peesy lemon squeezy! Okay melon squeezy. Either way it was way simple!

First I cut the angle for the base and then popped out a wedge for the mouth….

Then I disemboweled the melon!

Next I took a potato peeler and removed just a strip around the opening to reveal the white of the rind. Using a small knife I cut triangles all the way around. At this point I felt more like I was carving a pumpkin then a watermelon.

Next I chopped up the watermelon and filled the shark back up. I cut a piece of left over rind to make a fin. Last I glues on two very big wiggly eyes and let’s just say, I am not the best mom ever! LOL Yup, that’s what the fun tester told me…… Best mom ever, well at least for the next hour!


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