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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Perseids (Meteor Shower) is here!

ATTN: MAKE your children take a nap this afternoon so they can stay up late for one of natures great shows. The best meteor shower of the year is in full swing!

Grab a blanket and head out into then night for the Perseid meteor shower. When I said to grab a blanket and head out to watch the shower, I didn't say that just as a cool cuddly way to share this with your children. If you stand with your neck tilted up, you will have neck issues in the morning.

The "shooting stars" you will be looking for are actually pieces of debris left over from the comet Swift-Tuttle, hurtling through space at 37 miles per second! This year's peak comes the evening and late night of Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday. The meteors tend to streak across the sky, but you will want to look toward the Perseus constellation, which is in the northeast part of the sky and forms an inverted "Y" shape.

Experts say we can expect about 25 to 60 meteors per hour during the peak, but don't expect to see the meteors evenly spread out over time. You may see nothing for five minutes and then four or more in a row a minute later. See just how many shooting stars you can count!

Here is a great video from NASA to tell you all about this event.......

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