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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What time is it? Alligator moving time!

You know it is spring in mid-Michigan when Mr. C, at Critchlow's Alligator Sanctuary, announces it it time to move the alligators to their outside exhibits. This is the second year we have joined in the fun. And once again, we had the time of our lives.

Mr. C is amazing with children. Our oldest son, who is fast closing in on 6, has know Mr. C half his life and LOVES him. They met at an outreach program Mr. C did in our community and that was how it all began. When our son found out it was alligator moving time, he was ready to go and help. Maybe ready is not the word.... like more excited them Christmas morning!

This is his "I am so happy I can't smile right" grin!

Mr. C not only let our son hold an alligator but actually put him to work. He was put in charge of holding this little gator's head while measurements were taken. Our son left that day even more in love with Mr. C and the gators because Mr. C took the time to let him be involved.  Mr. C also let mommy get involved. I can now proudly say, I have micro-chipped an alligator!!! How many people can say that!?!?!

Now of course when it came time to work with some of the larger alligators, our son was put on the side lines for safety reason, as he should be. But he was happy to watch too.

So why am I telling you all of this? We'll first off because Mr C and his gators are awesome. Second, because not only did our son get to help, but I micro-chipped an alligator (wounder if he would let me sex one???) And third, because if you live in mid-Michigan you need to get your hind end to the sanctuary this weekend (April 14/15). Why? Because they will be moving the last of the gators outside, including their biggest. And it is still winter prices of just $3!!! (And if you ask nice, he might let you hold a little one and take a picture.)

Want more on Mr. C and the alligators, check out our previous posts Hidden Gem and last years moving day.

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