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Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapter book reading adventures

We here at MAD love to read. Everyone in our family (well except the newest Fun Tester) reads daily. I believe the one thing kids can never have enough of are books. We have gone from reading to our oldest to having him read simpler books to us.

Recently we have found a new way to share our love of books and develop imagination. We have begun reading chapter books together before bed. Our first selection was Journey to the Center of the Earth. At first our son was disappointed by the lack of pictures. So after each chapter we closed our eyes and imagined what we saw. He found this so much fun that now he is illustrating the book! After a chapter he draws a picture of what he thinks it was like!!

We have already picked out two more chapter books to read next, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Treasure Island. Barnes and Nobles has a wonderful hardback Classic Starter selection in the children’s area. Each one is only $5.95. Not bad for a hardcover book.

Maybe reading the classics aren’t for your family, but there are plenty of chapter books out there. I have to admit, our son is not the only one who looks forward to cuddle time and a chapter before bed each night!! So find a topic that interests you and read with your children. Trust me, the magical memories are worth the 10 minutes each night.

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