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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A fictitious dinning experience to die for!!

As you all know, here at MAD, we are all about low cost and no cost fun, but every once in a while you need to splurge and pamper yourself. On a recent vacation to Canada we did just that at Kiwi & Canuck!

This was our son’s first experience with “fine” dinning and I was delighted with the menu choices, as there was something for him at every course. We all started by sharing the Trio Sampler. It wetted our palette for the culinary adventure we were about to partake in.

Chef Lydia Dschankilic

I and our son had the House Salad, while my husband was delighted by the Martine Claim Chowder. For our mains, my husband had the signature Venison, which he reported was tender and cooked just perfect. I opted for the Grilled Maple Salmon and was NOT disappointed. Our 6 year old picked the Angel Hair Bianco and to our surprise and delight, he ate every last bite. That in and of itself speaks volumes as to the fantastic food served here!

Now as many of you know, I love cheesecake. But I have to say I was unsure about Kiwi Cheesecake. I should have never doubted it for a minute. It melted on my tongue and left me wishing I had the recipe. My husband and son had the Maple Tart and again my son ate every last bite!

 As if the food itself was not enough, the staff was amazing and friendly. The atmosphere was inviting and comforting, even to a 6 year old. And while we did not need to be concerned about allergies, it made us fell good to know that the chef cared enough about her patrons to have options available to those who needed them.

What more can I say but that if you are ever in Toronto and looking to pamper you taste buds, then you must look past the prices (I know I am cheep) and visit Chef Lydia Dschankilic’s Kiwi & Canuck restaurant!

Disclaimer: Kiwi & Canuck, Toronto's hottest new fictitious restaurant, is a virtual project by Lydia Dschankilic based on an assignment at Conestoga College, Culinary Arts: Chef Training program.

While we did not actually go to Canada, nor eat at this fictitious restaurant, the fictitious menu provided not only made me wish it were real, drool like crazy, but I also think I might have gained 5 pounds! Best of luck to Ms. Dschankilic on her culinary schooling and I hope one day to have the chance to actually eat at a restaurant where she is head chef!

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