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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do NOT buy ones of these!!

Two things my son loves, Diego and dinos. So when he ask, no begged, for this “My First Dino Digging Kit” I said sure. I mean it says it is a hands-on learning kit after all. Oh my, this thing was a nightmare!!!

First we did the “easy” snap together glow in the dark dino. Now tell me, that’s a T-rex right?

WRONG!!!! That is not what we got. I was wondering why we were having such a difficult time till I realized our kit had a Brachiosaurus!!!! And it did not “snap” together. Thus I broke out the glue. Disappointing.

So next we moved on to the block you were supposed to excavate and find dino bones. Now, the kit say ages 4-8, but even I was having a hard time scrapping away the block. Then as David was working a bone out, we heard a loud *CRACK* as the piece broke!!! Well by that point, little man was so beyond disappointed that we just soaked the block in water till it dissolved. There were other broken “bones”, maybe they happened during shipping to the store, I don’t know. So as my HIGHLY disappointed son sat on the couch, refusing to participate anymore, I was stuck to clean, dry and glue together this crappy dino.

Now the box also included 3 grow and shrink dinos. David didn’t want to do them. I don’t blame him. I fear they will either do nothing, or grow so large as to break the glass we try to grow them in!!! What was meant to be a super fun learning experience turned into the morning from you know where for both of us. So if your child asks for one, or you see one and think “that would be cool to give to…” DON’T!!!! Save yourself and others from the dino kit!!!! Turn and walk, no run, from the dinos!!!!

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