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Monday, May 2, 2011

Be a rock hound

Every year we attend a rock show near our home. Our son LOVES it. They have wonderful (and cheap 50cent/$1) games for kids and they win fossils and specimens. They also have a free hands on area for kids too. Not to mention mom and dad enjoy visiting all the vendors and picking up a few nice things too.

Well this year after our trip, we decided to get a family hobby, we are now official rock hounds! RUFF RUFF!!! We joined our local "rock" club for just $15 for the family for a year! They not only will help mom and dad get our collection organized and properly identified but they LOVE kids. The kids have their own little meeting and activities too! How cool is that?!!?!

During the summer the club has organized outings to hunt for rocks and picnics. Talk about some good quality fun as a family. Why not "google" rock clubs in your state? Go to a show and see if it interests you. If nothing else you have a one day, fun day experience! So rock on (yeah I know, that was bad) my fun loving folks!!

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