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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cruise Directing 101 - Be prepared!!!

Summer is almost here. Many preschoolers have graduated or will be doing so this week. Older kids will be out for the summer soon enough. What to do with them!?!?! BE PREPARED!!! In my other cruise directing posts I have mentioned how to get a calender going, how to find events and so on. So today I want to talk about being prepared.

Now I know you can not plan every minute of every day, and who would want to. But what you can do is have a general idea of what to do so your not caught with a child who wants to do something and your left scrambling. Like at our house this summer, each day of the week will be different, like math Monday, science Tuesday, etc. Now I am not going to plan like I am a school teacher but lets say on Monday my son wants an activity, well I will do something with math. Maybe take a walk and count flowers or make cookies (recipes are a great way to learn fractions.)

Another way to be prepared is to keep an activity bag in the trunk of your car. Have some snacks, a blanket, a few toys (like kites.) This is great for when your out and about and see an awesome park to play at.

Get a membership somewhere. We have one at our local zoo. It makes it nice when we just need a break from the backyard fun. Not only does it keep cost down in the long run, but special events at the zoo help break up the everyday grind.

Summer is almost here, so do a few things now to be prepared so your not pulling your hair out in a few weeks with children who are claiming to be bored!!

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