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Monday, October 29, 2012

What to do when the storm comes

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As I sit here writing this, I know our Fun Friends on the cost are about to face Mother Nature at her worst. I hope everyone has supplies laid in and are safe. Children are effected by events like this on a deeper level then they let us know sometimes. They see adults worry and feed off that. So as parents it is good to keep in mind! I know you are worried, but for your children's sake, try to make it a little less stressful for the children. Here are some ideas to make this storm a little more "fun" (aka less stressful) for children.

1.) Living Room Camp Out - Get your flashlights ready and make a pillow, blanket pile in the living room. You may loose power but making it comfy and "fun" makes it less scary for children. Make sure you de-clutter a path to the bathroom so in the dark it is easy for little ones to get there.

2.) Games - As parents in this fast paced world we feel like we don't get to spend enough time with our children. Well, now you can. Set up a board game and have some quality family time.

3.) Puppet show - Day or night, you can hang a blanket and have a puppet show with stuffed animals or use a flashlight to make shadow puppets.

4.) Tell stories - Make them funny. Let your children take a turn. This is a chance for them to either take their minds off of the situation or to let you know through a tale how they are feeling.

5.) Create - Have crayons and paper and items like play-doh on hand to keep kids busy. A busy child tends to be distracted from the worries of adult life.

These are just some quick ideas to get you thinking. Remember, it isn't just about the material things, but the emotions of our little ones that will be tested during this storm. Be safe my friends, you are all in our thoughts!

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