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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mummy Jars

One thing I have noticed, at least at my house, is we have jars. Lots of jars! Canning jars, baby food jars, even large pickle jars we have hung onto. So what to do with them all? Make a craft of course!

And what could be cuter then these "Mummy Jars!" They are easy to make and add a splash of fun to any Halloween setting. So let's get ready to make a few (or more!)

This craft is so simple even very little children can make one. We had wide gauze, so I cut our strips in half. It also gave a more "tattered" look, I think. As with any craft, there is no wrong or right so use what you want.

First make a dot of craft glue on your jar and attach gauze. Next simply wrap your jar up! Put craft glue at the beginning and end of each strip of gauze. Use as much or as little gauze as you want. It is all personal preference.

When you have your jar "mummified" the way you want it, simply glue on two wiggle eyes and you are done. This craft couldn't be simpler or cuter! For an added touch drop a tea light candle (or one of those fake battery operated candles) in your jar to give it a warm glow!

These Mummy Jars are so simple to make, that it would be a great gift idea for a party or to take to elderly neighbors to brighten their day! So what are you waiting for? Get crafting!

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