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Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper pumpkin craft

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween? Cause I do! And I love to make decorations for Halloween. This is a simple craft we did using construction paper and pipe cleaners. Not only are they easy to make but they look good hanging around the house!

All you need to make one of these paper pumpkins is a single sheet of orange construction paper cut into equal strips and two green pipe cleaners. No glue, no tape, nothing. So let's get started.....

First you need to punch holes in both ends of the paper strips. You can use a hole punch or heck, even a pencil tip if you don't have a hole punch. Next put a pipe cleaner through the holes at one end and bend it to "hold" the strips in place.

Next make a bend near the other end of the pipe cleaner and feed it through the top holes. So it looks like the photo on the right. Now this is where you have to play with your pipe cleaner, in order to get the bunched up look on your pumpkin. I found once I had the top hole set with bends I could go back and pull the pipe cleaner through the bottom holes and wind it up to get the perfect "puff" to my pumpkin. It is all about being flexible and trial and error. Just have fun with it! No two pumpkins will look the same and that is a great thing!

The second pipe cleaner is for your pumpkin vine. Simple bend the pipe cleaner around a pencil or your finger to get the coil and then bend your coil around your stem. That's it! Your ready to hang them around you house for a little Harvest or Halloween fun. So what are you waiting for....go make some!



  1. Neat idea! And....did you know that you have a pretty scary looking rat on your mantle? Thanks for the idea --I'm always looking for quick fun things to do with the grandkids when they're here.

    1. LOL Yeah I noticed that rat :) It is so nice to here people enjoy the ideas I put out. I know my son enjoys them.