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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now why would we go to a pumpkin patch and NOT get a pumpkin?

Recently we made the trip to the “pumpkin patch” at Gull Meadow Farms. We didn’t go for pumpkins, oh no, we went for the fun. We had been last year and our oldest had been asking to go again. Now normally we couldn’t afford the prices for the whole family to go do all the activities they offer, but we of course found a deal, so off we went.

Now they offer pumpkins for sale, but no, my son blew right by them. When I asked if he wanted to go on a wagon ride, he firmly said “no thank you.” When I suggested we visit the animals, again it was no. So what was it we were there for? Pumpkin Lane! A magical wonderland of activities that my son just HAD to do.

He did the zip line (a FEW times), he bounced his brain out, and he went down the "apple chute" slide. He navigated the obstacle course and he tried a maze (which I had to go in and get him out because he was hopelessly stuck, as were most of the adults.)

But the real reason he wanted to go, his mission for being there, were the duck races. I don't know what about it brings him such joy or how he could stand there so long doing it, but he LOVED it. All it is, is a hand pump that shoots water into a trough and the ducks ride the water to the other end. The kid at the other end transfers them to their trough, pumps water, and sends them back. That's it, but the kids all love doing it!
He begged me to build him one at home and you know what, it doesn't look that hard to make, and it would keep him busy for hours, but sadly I don't have a hand pump or know where to get one cheap. Hmmm, I think I know what I am going to be hunting for this winter! 

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