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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do you bake with your children?

Something about fall always triggers in me the desire to bake. I don't care what, cupcakes, cookies, breed. Baking can be a great introduction of children into the kitchen. Most recipes are measure, stir, bake, which is well within their abilities. When my son was little he enjoyed making white bread with me. He love to knead the dough. Alas when you are little and knead like a crazy man, accidents do happen. Like the time he kneaded so hard his pants slipped to his ankles reveling he had put his undies on backwards. We all had a good giggle that day and now have a memory to carry with us.

The point is, it may take a little more time to get things done, but the fun you can have with your child in the kitchen is well worth the it (and yeah the extra mess too.) Not to mention you are teaching them skills they will use later in life, like how to follow directions. They get to practice math by measuring. And yes indeed there is science in the whole process, like explaining how yeast works. So the next time you head into the kitchen to bake, even if it is a box mix, take the children along and create some memories of your own!

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