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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympic opening ceremony is tonight!

Who is excited? I am soooo excited. This will be the first year our son (6) will "get" the whole Olympic "thing." We have been making Olympic themed crafts and he keeps asking how many more days till Friday. Well it's FRIDAY!!!! And we here at MAD have a few more fun Olympic ideas to share with you to make the opening ceremony that much more exciting!

The opening ceremony can get a bit boring after awhile for smaller children so why not give them this super cool Olympic Bingo from Thirty Handmade Days. And while you watch you will need refreshment of course. So why not whip up some of these popcorn torches and ring cookies!

These torches are so easy to make! Simply roll up a paper plate and wrap tin foil around it. Next line the inside with red tissue paper and fill with popcorn. Our Fun Tester has already eaten a torch full today and can't wait to refill it to watch the Olympics.

Now on to our next event, Olympic rings made from cookies. We just bought a package of round cookies, mixed up food color and frosting and there you have it, yummy Olympic rings! Now before you call foul, I know the first ring in the top row is black, BUT food color does not mix to make black and I was not about to run to the store to buy a small expensive tube of black frosting. Yes, I am cheap and thankfully the Fun Tester didn't mind a little improvising.

I don't know who is more excited about it getting to 7:30pm, the Fun Tester or me! All I know is we are going to have a great time together!

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