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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pirates! Arrrghhh!!!

Yes another snow day, that makes two in a row. What is a mama to do!?!? Declare it Pirate Day! We had a wonderful day full of crafts and imagination and so can you!

Now every pirate needs a boat (aka the couch). So get out that Jolly Roger Flag and build an anchor. For the anchor chain we just mad a chain out of paper strips.

We also made spotting scopes out of paper towel tubes and construction paper. We decorated ours with stickers.

Ever good pirate needs a hook hand, which was very easy to make. I rolled constriction paper and taped a Popsicle stick coming out of the end. I then wrapped with end with tin foil and bent to shape!

Every pirate needs a pal so we make parrots out of toilet paper tubes. We covered the tubes with construction paper. Taped bent pipe cleaners for feet. The beak and wings were just construction paper. Slap on wiggly eyes and you have got a right nice bird!

We had fun on the couch playing pirate and “sailing” to skull island. I had also set up a treasure hunt with clues and a prize. My son loved it so much he put the prize back and asked if we could do it again!! LOL So, we did! It doesn’t take a lot of money(or in this case any as I had all the stuff), just some imagination, to turn a snow day into a pirate adventure!

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