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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Have you been checking your newspapers?

Remember a long time ago (about 2 weeks ago) I told you to get your calender and start checking your local paper for fun stuff to do? Well have you? I did and scored with a wonderful event that cost $1 for parking. Now I will admit, I did drive 45 minutes to get there but for a dollar it was wonderful.

It was a Baby and Family Expo. They had a bounce house, children's gym equipment, crafts, magicians, music, story time and so much more. My son walked out with 2 new stuffed animals, enough crayons to keep him busy a few days, and more stickers, tattoos, candy and trinkets then you could shake a stick at. All for the $1 it cost me to park! Not to mention mommy got a free message....aahhh I was so relaxed. I also got a lot of info on up coming summer camps and fun places to visit.

And this is the most awesome part (at least for me). My baby broke a board at the martial arts booth! Tell me that wasn't worth the dollar to park! LOL So grab those local news papers and start looking for those fun things to do in your area.

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