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Friday, February 18, 2011

3 letters can lead to fun in ANY state

Today’s tip is the DNR, Department of Natural Resources. “But I’m not a hunter” you say! You don’t have to be! Most state DNRs also cover state parks, historical sites and programs. Just go online and type in your state and the letters DNR. That should bring up your state site.

Now some sites are set up better then others. I am sad to say, Michigan’s is not as user friends as Minnesota’s (who had a kids page of cool stuff anyone can use) but I did find in the first few seconds, that this weekend is a free fishing weekend. Kind of cool. And with a little more work (2 extra minutes) I found a list of events from maple sugar festivals to fun runs, and even Easter egg hunts!

Also a Internet search of “DNR kids” brought up lots of wonderful stuff just for children. So poke your nose around and see what your state is doing with your tax dollars and use those resources to have some fun!

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