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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reptiles are fun, really

Every year around this time our local zoo, Binder Park Zoo, hold it's Reptile Weekend. Maybe you don't like snakes, but children are born without the fear and judgement we adults have. Reptile Weekend is a great chance to not only see some very neat critters, but allows children to learn to appreciate these reptiles in a fear free setting.

We had to the chance to meet and touch many different critters. And while we were there I over heard a mom say "I hate snakes." When asked by one of the booths if she wanted to touch a snake she said no, but told here child if she wanted to she could. Good MOM!!! Don't put your fears on your kid! My hubby HATES spiders but check this out...

The boy and I took turns holding a tarantula. (Not sure why there was a spider at a reptile event but hey.) Instead of telling our son how icky the spider is, my hubby just walked away and let our son make up his own mind about the experience.

So go outside YOUR comfort zone once in a while and give you children experiences that allow them to not only learn about the world, but to develop their own opinions on things!

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