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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Terra cotta snowmen

Everyone likes a cute snowman, and we have a craft that will bring a smile to your face. These little snowmen are made from terra cotta pots. We used smaller pots for ours, but really you could use any size you wanted to create these whimsical little fellows.

We started by giving the pot a base coat of white. Working with terra cotta is great for children since the pot sucks in the paint and it dries very fast. Once we had the pot painted white, it was time to break out the creativity. As you can see, no two snowman will be alike, as each person puts their personal touch on painting the face and picking decorations.

I used a baby sock my youngest had out grown to make a hat and scarf for my snowman. My six year old chose puff balls and a pipe cleaner to make ear muffs! Your only limitation on this craft is your creativity. So bust out your craft supplies and make a magical family of snowman to decorate your home this holiday season. These would also make wonderful handmade gifts for friends and family. What grandparent wouldn't cherish one of these cute snowmen made by their grandchildren!


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