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Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Making" Christmas

I am so sick of the commercialism of Christmas. The commercials on television convey the idea that “if you don’t buy/spend X then you don’t love the person your giving the gift to” has about put the baa humbug in my heart. Even my six year old son commented on how much he was tired of hearing about Black Friday. Really? Yes! Even a child is tired of hearing about buying toys. *gasp*

So what to do? After explaining to my son that buying a gift for someone is nice, but making a gift filled with love is better, he quickly jumped on board with the idea of making gifts. We are going to try to make each other gifts this year. I say try, because I already broke the rule and bought my son a gift. But in my defense, he asked for a real vacuum cleaner and it had to be red. I can’t make one of those! And I knew it really meant a lot to him. You see, when he was two he had a red toy vacuum that he loved till it fell apart, so getting him a real red vacuum would mean the world to him.

So, I sat down with my son and asked him what he would like to make each person on his list. It was amazing the creativity that poured forth from him. We made a trip to the craft store for supplies and he quickly got to work. He has the drive of an elf I tell you! We have all ready start quite a few of the projects on his list and still have lots of time to finish them.

The reason I am sharing all this with you is that maybe we can inspire you to “make” Christmas this year. Yes, you will still spend money on supplies, but that is not the point. The point is to teach your children how to put love into a gift and make it more then just a “thing.” My son could have bought his grandma a bird house, but instead he is making one. And I know each time she walks past it her heart will be filled with the love her grandson put into making it, making it more then just a bird house!

I am even going to be so brave as to teach my six year old son how to use a sewing machine as he makes a stuffed toy out of socks for his baby brother. I plan to do a lot of baking of gifts. I mean what fills people with love like a beautiful loaf of bread or extra yummy cookies!?!?! And I am making my son a blow egg ornament from his chicken's first egg she ever laid. He will be beyond excited. My husband is still not on board. Maybe because he fears he is not creative enough, I don't know. But for my oldest and I, it is going to be a handmade homemade Christmas!



  1. So nice! I think anything homemade is appreciated. I have been giving baked goods for years. There were a couple years we bought gifts. I didn't see the excitement. So happy your son is really into the idea of making gifts!

  2. This is excellent! You are a really good mom to be teaching your son this at such an early age. His gifts will be loved and appreciated big time! And, you're right, he will be blessed in the process. Well done!