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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Springing forward this weekend

Yes folks, that time of year is upon us, when for some out dated reason, we parents loose another hour of sleep. (Like we don't loose enough as it!!) Actually, Daylight Saving Time made its debut in the United States in 1918 in an effort to save power. Since it was lighter outside later into the night, less electricity was used. What ever the reason..... I want my hour back!!!

So what can a parent do to help their children stay on scheduale?

1. Start moving bedtime up immediately. Move it up 10-15 minutes every  night until Sunday. For example, if you normally start your bedtime routine at 7pm, move it up to 6:50pm.
2. Keep your bedtime routine consistent.
3. If your child is old enough to tell time, explain the time change.

While these tips may not fix the confussion in a small childs mind as to why it is 9 and not 8, it will help you keep you routine in the long run. And if your a working parent, getting out the door on time is very important.

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