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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Learn About Butterflies Day

They have a day for everything don't they!!! And today is Learn About Butterflies Day. So let's learn a little bit about them, shall we?

Here is the anatomy of a butterfly:

So how do you know if it is a butterfly or a moth?

  • Most butterflies primarily fly during the day  and many moths fly at night.
  • Butterflies have knobbed antenna and moths have feathery or straight antenna.
  • Butterfly bodies are usually slim, while moth bodies are plump and hairy.
  • Moths usually spin silken cocoons to enclose their pupae or burrow underground to pupate.
  • Butterflies form chrysalises.

  • What do Butterflies eat?

    Butterflies dont eat like we do, they get their nurishment from drinking. They have a long narrow tube in their mouth called a proboscis that acts as a straw. They usually set on top of a flower and drink the nectar. And did you know, butterflies can taste with their feet!!!

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