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Friday, March 30, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 (3/31)

So, ummm, what is Earth Hour? Glad you asked, because I had never heard of it till this year. It is simple yet profound. What it is, is at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday march 31st, people all over the globe turn off their electrical items (lamps, tv, etc) for one hour.

Their official kid's ambassador is Pocoyo and they have an activity book full of fun stuff you can print! And here are some more ideas for fun during Earth Hour....

1. Tell or read stories. Grab a candle and some blankets and tell stories in the living room.
2. Play flashlight tag. Don't want to sit still? Play a fun round of flashlight tag or hide and go seek in the dark.
3. Take a walk. Enjoy the night sounds and scenes of your neighborhood by taking an evening stroll with your kids.
4. Make shadow puppets. Gather the family and a candle and put on a shadow puppet show on a blank wall.
5. Star gaze. Hopefully, all of your neighbors will have their lights off for Earth Hour as well, so this could be the perfect evening to grab a telescope or some binoculars and head out to see the stars.
6. Set up camp. If your kids are little, Earth Hour might hit right around bedtime. Get the most out of the event by making it part of special camp out bedtime, either in the backyard or right in the living room.

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